Moving On

I have not been terribly busy with my beadwork but that will change.  Here is what I have on my bench right now.  I have tentatively named it “Arizona Sunrise”.  DSC00345.jpg

I love working with Shibori ribbon and, of course, lots of crystals and bling.  My new bling love is Swarovski Elements cup chain.  I scored the orange in gunmetal one in the picture from  and it was a closeout.  They are my go to site for vintage sequins too.


My other piece is finished.  It is a tribute to my beloved Congo African Grey parrot, Oliver, who died on November 14th.  My heart is still broken and I miss him terribly.   I had Oliver for 36 years, most of my adult life.   The “container” is glass with antiqued sterling silver top and bottom.  The top unscrews and I put in some of Oliver’s beautiful feathers and two 6 mm Swarovski elements red crystal hearts along with some smaller red crystals.  It is strung on an antique silver chain.  The container and the chain came from


My little African Grey, Charlie is getting used to being alone.  He and Oliver were good buddies.  The good news he is becoming friendlier to me. Tuce, the Blue and Gold Macaw is kind of oblivious and my precious Blue Front Amazon, Murphy, appears to be happy.  Murphy, aka Green Bird, is now #1 bird in the flock.  A much coveted position.  And finally, Rita, our guest eclectus, seemed the most affected by Oliver’s death.  She went silent for 4 days after he died.  And she is never, ever silent.  She talks almost constantly.  She has since resumed her conversations, but I thought it was a strange reaction from her, she knew Oliver only 5 months.  No telling with animals.  Our black lab, Rudy, sniffed Oliver’s body and became very very upset.

OK, enough about death.  Life goes on.  My heart will always be sore for my Oliver and I have not finished grieving by a long run.  But we move on, one day at a time, always moving and looking forward.



3 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. That is a lovely tribute to a being you loved for so long !! Pets are so pure and I cannot even imagine losing one that had been with me so long. I am glad you have other feather and fur babies to help you through. I am so sorry for your loss of Oliver. I am happy for you that you were able to figure out a beautiful way to honor and remember him !!

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