Not the way I expected to resume my blog

This blog is about “beads” and “birds”.  Mostly MY beading efforts and about my precious companion parrots.  They are Oliver, Murphy, Tuce and Charlie.  And we have a guest named Rita.

As for the beading:

I have been making some interesting pieces.  The cuff below, soutache on shibori ribbon,  is from a class given by Amee Runs With Scissors.  Amee is a fantastic teacher who not only writes excellent instructions, but also uses the latest technology to teach her classes.  Everyone can see the close up of a technique on her screen as she is doing it.   Amee provides the kit (I could never have put these colors together) and teaches the basic and some advanced soutache techniques and you make it your own with your filling in around the soutache.  Some of my soutache is a bit wiggly, but I made a second cuff for a friend and it came out perfect.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the second one.  I call this “Kaleidoscope.”  I used some vintage beads from for the extra embellishment.



Now this cuff is my design and was a donation to a wonderful parrot sanctuary in Louisa, VA called Project Perry   They had a fundraiser in the spring and I made this cuff for their auction.  I called it “50 Shades of African Grey.”  The Shibori ribbon name is Ashes and the center stone is a howlite.  Lots of bling with Swarovski elements including a Swarovski red crystal heart and pearls and embroidered “feathers”.  This has a wonderful clasp that I bought from Beads Gone Wild in W. Palm Beach, FL.

With these two projects, I believe I finally found my “element” in bead embroidery.

And as for the birds:

This precious fellow is my 40ish year old Congo African Grey named Oliver.  Grey Bird Studio is his namesake.  He came into my life in January of 1980,  almost 36 years ago, and stole my heart.  He is my best friend and has seen me through all sorts of life events, happy and sad.  It is with heartbreaking sadness to write that he is dying of congestive heart failure.  He was “hospitalized” for five days and my vet didn’t think he would ever be coming home but last Monday we did just that, brought him home.   I have put him into home hospice care on my own.  (I was a hospice nurse for people so I figure I am somewhat qualified) We have oxygen for him and modified his cage and play gym to accommodate his weakness.  I cannot imagine my life without this precious guy and as he worsens, I will need to consider euthanasia.  Right now his quality of life is less than good, but he eats and drinks and takes his medications and responds to me and my husband.  He is such an easy patient.   Many nights I prop myself up on the couch and he sleeps on my chest, over my breaking heart.  It is this life event that motivated me to re-start my blog.  In honor of my friend, Oliver.

IMG_0868 (1)